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New Roof Installation

affordable new roof installation

Making the addition of a new roof to your home is one of the biggest improvements you are ever going to make. It means that you are going to be living in a house that is much more comfortable and of course, much more valuable. So, it is only right, that when you are choosing the team to handle the task, you make use of the very best around. A team, that are able to deliver on your unique needs, provide you with a high standard of construction material and offer completely custom design. Luckily for you, at Eden Prairie Roofing, we are able to promise you every single one of those, whenever you make the wise choice to trust your new roof installation to us.

New Residential Roofing
If you are looking to install a new roof onto your residential property, then we would be more than capable of handling the task. Whether our services are needed for a first-time installation or a roof replacement, our skilled professionals will be able to deliver outstanding quality, every single time. Just let us know the specific style and design that you would like us to develop, and leave us to deliver on each one of your unique needs.

New Commercial Roofing
At the same time, we are able to deliver the same superior standard of work to any commercial properties too. Our team have been installing roofs for Eden Prairie businesses for a many number of years now and we are known for our unmatched standard, across all different types of industry. We have a full range of quality materials, that would make the perfect roof for any commercial property. Tell us the nature of your business and what it is that you are going to need exactly, and our team will be able to design and install a roof that makes good on these.

Roofing Materials
Modern roofs come in a range of different materials, each with their own perks and benefits. We know that each one of our customers have a unique need for their roof, which is why one material may not be the same for each person. That is why, our team ensure that we are able to offer each one, to deliver on every unique need. When you enlist our services for your new roof, you will be able to choose between our luxe varieties of shingles, as well as flat roof materials and a range of metal styles, including both aluminum and sheet metal.

Custom Design
Using these quality materials, our design team will take care of the blueprint of your new roof. They will take into account the style of your home, shape of your roof area, the materials of your choice and any other specific requests that you have. You can bet that every element will be seamlessly deployed, with stunning aesthetics and function. That way, we are able to promise you the ideal roof for your property, each and every time.

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