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Residential Roofing

affordable residential roofing service

There is no part of our homes more important, than the roof. Responsible for keeping the rain off of our heads and us feeling comfortable in our homes; who knows where we would be without them? So, when it comes to services for your own roof, you know it deserves to be given a higher standard of care. That is why, you are going to need the expert residential roofing services of our team, at Eden Prairie Roofing. We are the number one source of all things roofing in the Eden Prairie area and can guarantee you no less than the very best, no matter what your unique need.

New Residential Roofing
If you are looking to have a new roof installed onto your residential property, then there is no one better you could call for the job, than us. Our team are experts when it comes to new installations and will be more than capable of creating the roof that adds the perfect finish to your property. We can offer you many different material and aesthetic options, as well as completely custom designing the shape, that fits in with your requests. Just let us know what it is that you see fit for your roof and you can bet that we will be there to deliver.

Roof Inspections and Maintenance
Your roof could last you a very long time, if it is given suitable care throughout its lifetime. As with many things, having your roof checked up on a routinely basis and given any necessary maintenance work is going to mean that you can preserve the very best condition, for the longest time. You can trust this job to one of the expert members of our team, who will be able to give you a detailed report of the state of your roof and of course, deliver you with all of the maintenance work that you are going to need.

Roof Repair and Replacement
Over time and after taking the full force of the elements for a while, it is only natural that your roof might pick up some damage. If that is the case, then you could be leaving your home unprotected. That is why it so important that you are calling our team to assist you with repairs, whenever it becomes necessary. And, when the wear or damages have been able to get too much, we would be glad to lend our support to replacing your existing roof.

Affordable Prices
Whatever service it is that you need, we want to make sure that we are always delivering the highest standard of quality, without charging you more than you should be paying. That is why, our team are known to be able to offer some of the most affordable prices in the wider Minneapolis area. No matter what service it is that we are giving you, you know it’ll always be the one to fulfil your needs, for a price that makes it all worthwhile.

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